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Tiger running through the snow.

Please feel free to look around and find out more about me and my art. Although my passion is wildlife I do paint other subject matter, I work in Pastels, Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours on a variety of mediums.

'Pride of lions relaxing in the heat of the day.Joel Kirk has a love of wildlife that stems back from his school years, where his paintings dominated competitions and gave him his main subject matter.'

Although I am known as a wildlife artist, I do enjoy painting other subject, such as landscape and seascape in fact any subjects that will expand the portfolio and my mind. I must admit to struggling with portraits, but I like a challenge. In the past I have been involved in painting the military. One of these paintings gave me an insight to the working of the royal marines based in Poole Dorset; the painting still hangs in the sergeants? mess.

Aboriginal face paint.Vineyard landscape.impression of an aboriginal man

Over the past few years I have been involved in stamp design for the Guernsey post, the stamps all depict endangered species, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, the basking shark, The latest one I am working on is endangered species of the Florida Everglades, I find this work most interesting because of the mix of art and design, its nice to take a break from big canvases and get the small brushes out. The added bonus is that as the Queen's head appears on the stamps the designs have to receive Royal approval prior to production (I hope she likes them).

Stamp of Golden Snub-Nosed MonkeyStamp of basking shark

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